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MSYM is an action-packed, lectionary-based Faith Formation for our 6th, 7th and 8th graders that involves our young adolescents in prayer, scripture, service projects, class groupings and small groups that thoroughly involve them in fun and learning. Middle School Youth Ministry means variety, action, change and high-interest.

Volunteer Position: Catechist

Required of Volunteer: Catechists are able to make presentations and keep a large group’s attention for about 20 minutes. The lesson will be planned and prepared for you by professional staff.


Volunteer Position: Small Group Leader

Required of Volunteer: Encourages a group of 8 students to speak among themselves about the day’s lesson for about 15 minutes. The small group materials and questions will be prepared for you.


Volunteer Position: Food Preparer

Required of Volunteer: Shop for and prepare food that Middle Schoolers enjoy. Menus provided.


Volunteer Position: Skit Director

Required of Volunteer: A sense of fun. Lead a few kids in a simple skit rehearsal, then a performance. The skits are provided.


Volunteer Position: Prayer Leader

Required of Volunteer: With a sense of reverence, lead Middle Schoolers in a variety of prayer settings and experiences. Prayers provided.


Volunteer Position: Sports Leader

Required of Volunteer: With a sense of enthusiasm and fair play, lead Middle Schoolers in a variety of sports activities.


Volunteer Position: Activities Coordinator

Required of Volunteer: Help Middle Schoolers get together and just have fun.


Volunteer Position: Service Project Leader

Required of Volunteer: Help Middle Schoolers to help others. Show them how to help others, and watch their faith grow!


Time Commitment: Volunteer commitment might be long-term or one-time, but everyone’s participation is valuable and deeply appreciated.

Contact: 442-3418


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