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Primarily for Elementary and Pre-School Classes

The parish staff is honored to partner with parents, who are the first and foremost teachers of their children’s faith, in the community effort to catechize all children.

CATECHISTS… Teach and manage a class of children for a weekly period of one hour and fifteen minutes. + Use several kinds of teaching media and methods, including lecture, discussion, text, activities, film and video, games, worksheets, drills and memorization, etc. + Have frequent contact with parents throughout the year. + Meet with the Director and other Catechists several times a year.

ASSISTANTS… Help the Catechists in all teaching activities, at all class sessions. Help to manage children in the various class activities. Obtain and set up supplies and media equipment. Grade papers and do other clerical tasks. Clean the classroom and keep cabinets in good order after class. May tutor students on an individual basis. Might substitute for the Catechist.

PRAYER WORKERS… Work outside the classroom, one-on-one, with students of a particular class, to help them with prayer. Listen to a student’s recital of a prayer or other memory work. Record progress of each student on a chart. Check that prayer data is stored in the computer.

CRAFT WORKERS… Create and/or work with a Catechist to provide monthly craft projects for students of a particular class. Help students make a craft project and clean up afterwards.

CLASS PARENTS… Arrange and set up in-class parties for a particular class.

SUBSTITUTES… Take the role of a Catechist for one or a few class sessions. Contact the Catechist to discuss the events of the class substituted for.

OFFICE WORKERS… Manage the office during a particular class session. Answer the telephone and take messages. Keep attendance and other records for the classes. May assist Catechists in obtaining supplies, media, etc.

If you are willing to volunteer, have a question, or want more information, call 442-7081, or send an e-mail to:


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