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The goal is to aid in providing evidence of the paschal mystery to the faithful in environment, word, song, and sacrament and to hold paramount, the foundational principles of sound liturgy as expressed in official documents of the Church, as well as, to provide a sense of community and personal worship within the confines of these principles.


It encompasses the following parish organizations, programs and ministries:

Altar Servers (Adult and Youth)

The position is open to all Catholics have received their First Holy Communion. Any young person 10 years or older is encouraged to participate in the liturgy by assisting the priest as a youth server. Adult servers assist the priest at daily mass and also assist with funeral and memorial masses.Training is provided for both adult and youth servers. Youth Servers Contact: Stacy Fuchs. Adult Servers Contact: Jean Ropp

Music Ministry

Our music ministry is blessed with a variety of instrumental and choral groups for children, teens, and adults. Whether you enjoy contemporary band music or traditional choral music, we welcome you! Contact:
Contact: Mary Bernadette Obray

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

These ministers assist in the distribution of the Precious Body and Blood of our Lord at Mass. Eucharistic Ministers are trained and commissioned and asked to serve at two Masses per month. This very special ministry is for all who have a particular devotion to the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Contact: Jean Ropp


Lectors proclaim the Word of the Lord at Sunday and daily Masses. A very visible ministry, being a Lector requires a love for Holy Scripture, and the willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through them to communication sacred truths as revealed in scripture. Contact: Jean Ropp


This quiet ministry of preparation is open to all Catholics who have a special love for the Mass. Sacristans prepare sacred vessels, linens and all items used during Mass and restore them after Mass. Sacristans generally serve one a day a week and occasionally at special Masses. Contact: Jean Ropp


Ushers welcome those who attend Mass, assisting them with seating, information about the Mass and the church, helping handicapped receive Holy Eucharist, and taking up the collection. These dedicated people serve one Mass each week, and at Holy Season Masses. Contact: Manny Diaz


Welcome all who come to our parish with a smile, handshake, and an open door. The only requirement is a warm heart and a big smile! Contact: Jean Ropp

Prayer Chain

Collects and distributes the prayer intentions of our Light of Christ family. Our Prayer Warriors receive the Prayer Chain each Friday and devote special time in prayer for each person on the list. Become a Prayer Warrior!

Rosary Prayer Ministry

The Rosary is prayed regularly at Light of Christ is as follows: Monday through Saturday, 8:00am, prior to daily Mass, and Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm, prior to the 4:00pm Mass.

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