Light Of Christ


Sacraments / Sacramentos

First Reconciliation and First Communion  / La Primera Confesion y Primera Comunion 

 Before making First Reconciliation and First Communion, you should…

1) be abiding by the Ten Commandments .
2) be going to Mass every Sunday and every Holy Day.
3) have knowledge of the Faith appropriate to one’s age level. 

4) have completed one full year of religious education, and be participating in their second consecutive year of religious education.

Please note: The family must be registered members of a parish. Families new to the parish must furnish proof of attendance, i.e. a letter from the previous parish.

Antes de hacer la Primera Confesión y la Primera Comunión, debes… 

1) vivir según los Diez Mandamientos.
2) ir a misa todos los domingos y todos los días de precepto.

3) tener conocimiento de la Fe apropiado para tu edad. 

4) haber completado un año completo de educación religiosa y  estar participando en su segundo año consecutivo de educación religiosa.

Ten en cuenta: La familia debe ser miembros registrados de una parroquia. Las familias nuevas en la parroquia deben presentar una prueba de asistencia, es decir, una carta de la parroquia anterior.


Registration  2020  Matricular   

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Youth Ministry.

Youth Ministry is focused on leading young people closer to Christ, through prayer, Bible Study, community service and fellowship. We emphasize participation and involvement in the Mass.

We meet weekly to build friendships, have fun and dive deeper into our Catholic faith. We participate in occasional retreats to step outside of the noise and chaos of everyday life to renew ourselves in Christ and remember that He must be the center of our lives.


Faith Formation

Generación que Dios eligió



Coronavirus Update

Dear Parishioners of Light of Christ:

Clap your hands, all you people! Shout joyfully to God with a joyous shout! Because the Lord Most High is awesome, he is the great king of the whole world. (Psalm 47: 1-2)


Great News! We can begin to gather for daily Mass again! Mass will begin Monday, May 11th. From Monday morning through Saturday morning Masses will be celebrated daily at 8:30 am (in the interior courtyard of the Early Childhood Center) and at 12:15 pm in the Church. Daily Masses in Spanish will be celebrated at 6:30 pm from Monday through Friday.


Sunday liturgies will not begin as of yet.

If you are in a high risk or vulnerable category, please stay safe and stay home.

Numbers of people in attendance will be regulated. You are highly encouraged to bring hand sanitizer and to wear facial masks.

God Bless You, Community of Light of Christ! I miss you!

Fr. Bill Wilson